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Friday, August 12, 2016

Thought this was interesting: Acoustic stuff from The Motels

Another John N submission, wasn't familiar with this one, but I did enjoy the Motels back in the early 80's, Martha Davis was a fairly talented vocalist and the band was listenable as well.....frankly I had forgotten they ever existed, after seeing this I recalled their sizeable hit singles "Only the Lonely" and "Suddenly Last Summer".......wish this would have maybe included my fave Motels number "Envy", but that was a real slammer that might not have worked acoustically......anyway, this is an Australian release, originally from 2007, let's find out together if it is worth our while.......

CLEAN MODERN AND REASONABLE-01 Counting/02 Celia/03 Take the L/04 Only the Lonely/05 Superstar/06 Total Control/07 Danger/08 Some Things Never Change/09 Suddenly Last Summer/10 Shame/11 Angel