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Friday, August 12, 2016

John N with a wonderful submission

Remember Roachpowder from the other day? surprisingly good numbers, and a couple of inquiries as to thier other album "Viejo Diablo"......well I have never heard it, seen it, or anything else, but guess who has? SURPRISE, the keeper of the eternal link flame, John N......I might have known, thanks 1000000 John N......I'm going to a preseason football game this evening which requires a bit of driving, so Roachpowder will be up first in the rotation! Thanks again John N, good one!

And for the hell of it why not a You Tube video of them as well

VIEJO DIABLO-01 Get Out of My Way/02 Galactic Blues/03 Viejo Diablo/04 Black Stone/05 Cosmic Emperor/
06 Sun/07 New Orleans/08 See You Burn/09 Demon Bitch/10 King of the Hill (part 1)/11 King of the Hill (part 2)/
12 Super Galactic Gargel Blazter



  2. Thanks for the hard work, guys! One of my fave blogs.