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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Filling in the Husker Du gaps

In response to Jon S' incredible posting on one of my very fave bands, I will add a bit more to it, hope you
guys like these as well.

First up, "Land Speed Record", which someone mentioned in the comments.....this was thier first full length, and if you are unfamiliar, it has next to nothing to do with classics like "Zen Arcade" and "Warehouse"......this is basic hardcore punk, played at amphetamine freak out speed......interesting and little else, to be honest. Certainly you'll wish to hear the "Theme From Gilligan's Island", though.

Next up, I have no idea where this one came from but I think it's KINDA rare, haven't seen it around much....a 1980 recording, "The Cassette Demos".......sounds just like what the title implies, but if you want it ALL, here you be!

Next up I have a live set from San Francisco, 1981, an early effort obviously, again, not quite the melodic post-punk/metal that we know and love this band for, but the seeds are there, and, again, I don't THINK I've seen a whole lot of these around.

The centerpiece here is the two-disc "Complete Covers", this smells of a homemade project, as the sound quality varies a good bit from track to track, but the cover ALL KINDS of shit (as they always did, of course)......we have shit from The Hollies, Donovan, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, The Kingsmen. Black Sabbath, Roy Orbison and TONS ABSOLUTE find for fans of this great band!

LAND SPEED RECORD-01 All Tensed Up/02 Don't Try To Call/03 I'm Not Interested/04 Guns at My School/05 Push the Button/06 Gilligan's island/07 Don't Have a Life/08 Bricklayer/09 MTC/10 Tired of Doing Things Your Way/11 You're Naive/12 Strange Week/13 Big Sky/14 Do the Bee/15 Ultracore/16 Let's Go Die/17 Data Control

1980 CASSETTE DEMOS-01 Picture of You/02 Can't See You Anymore/03 The Truth Hurts/04 Do You Remember?/05 Sore Eyes/06 Writer's Cramp/07 Let's Go Die

7/24/81 MABUHAY GARDENS SAN FRANCISCO -01 Intro/02 All Tensed Up/03 Don't Try to Call/04 I'm Not Intersted/05 Sore Eyes/06 Wheels/07 Private Hell/08 Travel In the Opposite Car/09 Don't Have a Life/10 Bricklayer/11 Tired of Doing Things Your Way/12 Sexual Economics/13 Do You Remember?14 Ultracore/15 Let's Go Die/16 Data Control

COMPLETE COVERS DISC 1-01 Unknown Title/02 Look Through Any Window/03 Don't Fear the
Reaper/04 Boredom Intro/Fast Cars/05 Paint It Black/06 Blue Wind/07 Train Kept-A Rollin'/08 Wild Thing/09 I Wanna Be Your Dog/10 Birthday/11 Little Bitty Pretty One/12 Ramblin Rose/13 Sunshine Superman/14 Sweet Jane/15 Chinese Rocks/16 Gilligan's island/17 Your're So Square Baby and I Don't Care/The Wit & The Wisdom/18 Helter Skelter/19 Ticket To Ride/20 Love Is All Around/21 Eight Miles High/22 Sheena Is a Punk Rocker/23 Louie Louie

COMPLETE COVERS DISC 2-01 Iron Man/02 Paranoid/03 Do Ya/04 I Can't Explain/05 Pretty Woman/Statues/06 I Fought the law/07 99 Bottles of Beer/08 Amazing Grace/09 La Grange/10 We Wish You a Merry Christmas


  1. be patient the links will be up in a bit

  2. cassette

    covers d1

    land speed

    live sf

    covers D2 will be ready in a little while!

  3. covers 2

    1. Thanks, but "covers 2" is "(1995) Gardenia.rar"

  4. It may be the right file but mislabeled I will check in a while

  5. IS the correct file, it is mislabled, go ahead and open it!

  6. Any chance of re-upping the 2 covers CDs?