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Friday, August 5, 2016

Bald Vulture

Don't think I've ever posted these before, these are some cool EP's from Montreal's Bald
Vultures......standard punk with somewhat witty lyrics, ca. late 1990's......the first EP we have here is "Punk Core From Hell"......with "classics' ala "Pretty Boobs", "Roller Fucker", "Why Politicians Grab Thier Asses Everday".........see what you are in for?

The following disc is "Life is All About", a similar effort, ("Butt Face Cops" appears on both albums), but "Protest", "Wake Up" and "Brain Washing School" are worth a spin.

The third album, imaginatively titled "Third", is really quite good,d my fave release of is really cool all the way through, "Weapon in Your Headyrevolution", "Punk Core From Hell", "Do We Really Need 13?"......a true unknown "non-classic"......

Last thing I got for ya is "A Short Anthology Of Human Decadence"......a disc of unusual (to say the least) covers, PLEASE check this as well......"One" (Metallica), "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (!) (U2), and more.....this is a band that punk fans kinda overlooked, I'm BRINGING IT BACK, like all of thier shit.

SOME GOOD STUFF HERE, trust me like you trust the rest of my team, these are pretty cool!

PUNK CORE FROM HELL-01 Dark Troops/02 To Those......./03 Why Politiicians Grab Their Asses
Every Day/04 Roller Fucker/05 Butt Face Cops/06 Rural Cowboy/07 Wake Up/08 Pretty Boobs/09 No Fashion/10 Drugs and Drunk

LIFE IS ALL ABOUT-01 Protest/02 TRS/03 Seek to the Groundd/04 Blue Army.05 Wake Up/06 In Spite of My Smile/07 Life Is All About/08 Children's Cry/09 Butt Face Cops/10 Brain Washing School

THIRD-01 Intro Carmina Burana/02 Last Ditch/03 Surrounded By Vulture/04 Weapon In You Headyrevolution/05 We're Creep/06 Sotry of Evilution/07 Punk Core From Hell/08 Interlude #1 In D Minor/09 Nothing Close/10 Without Forgiveness/11 Interlude #2 in D Minor/12 Exploited World/13 Do We Really Need 13?

SHORT ANTHOLOGY OF HUMAN DECADENCE-01 One (Metallica Cover)/02 Unity (Operation Ivy Cover)/03 Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 Cover)/04 Wind Of Change (Scorpions Cover)/05 Territory (Sepultura Cover)/06 Enough Is Enough (Children's Cry Cover)

Ass always share your thoughts....please check these, they really are decent 90's punk.........we strive for variety, but we also strive for stuff that perhaps you haven't heard.....I REALLY hope you enjoy these and consider it a lost "semi-gem" at least.......

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