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Monday, August 1, 2016

An old favorite of mine, Chick Comics

I've posted these before, but they are a super-fave of mine, and if you missed them before, PLEASE
don't do so again this shit is the GREATEST...these are the comic strips that grinning, zombie-like assholes sometimes try to force on you in public (I once knew a psycho whore (HI VICKIE!) who went this crazy route), but, the comics are FANTASTIC, describing with nauseating glee the suffering that awaits Catholics (a favorite target), people who have sex, people who swear, pretty much anyone that the Chick Comics person thinks is not up to their lofty
standards.........I'm giving you a chance to look at these if you wish (and YOU DO, trust me!), but if by some chance you need some hard copies, you can contact Chick Comics, who will charge you, but if you act like you are the most ignorant motherfucker in the world (I did) they will send you a  batch of em for free! YAAAAAAAY!, GO CHRIST GO!



  2. Mate,
    Love the comics. Got the threesomes, they were great. Looking forward to the next editions I've just downloaded. Keep them coming. Thanks