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Friday, August 19, 2016

The Big Boys

Gotta say you rarely see The Big Boys posted online, I think this two disc comp ("The Fat Elvis"/"The
Skinny Elvis") pretty much summarizes the entire career output, give or take.....from Austin Texas, they were one of the earlier American bands to launch what would become the West Coast hardcore sound (not judging that as good or bad, whatever).......pretty decent punk rock, typical of the era as you can really hear the attempt by the band to put a USA slant on what, up until then, had been more or less a UK phenominon....they released a handful of albums, not a one of which I have, but I can't imagine that these two discs don't sum it up quite completely.

Quite a fair carer retrospective, actually, I wish more bands would put as much effort into similar releases, this is ALL the Big Boys you are EVER gonna need!

THE FAT ELVIS-01 Nervous/02 Apolitical/03 Hollywood Swinging/04 Prison/05 We Got Soul/06 Fun Fun Fun/07 We Got Your Money/08 Lesson/09 Fuck Off/10 I'm Sorry/11 We're Not In It To Lose/12 Sound on Sound/13 Fight Back/14 Brickwall/15 Jump the Fire/16 Assault/17 Manipulation/18 Same old Blues/19 Gator Fuckin'/20 White Nigger/21 Baby Let's Play God/22 No/23 Narrow View/24 I DO Care/25 Listen/26 What's the Word/27 Common Beat/28 Ajo Zone/29 Which Way to Go/30 Killing Time/31 Warm

THE SKINNY ELVIS-01 Frat Cars/02 Heartbeat/03 Movies/04 Mutant Rock/05 Detectives/06 Out of Focus/07 Psycho/08 Red-Green/09 In the Way/10 Nightbeat/11 After 12:00/12 Security/13 TV/14 I Don't Wanna Dance/15 Identity Crisis/16 Thin Line/17 Advice/18 Complete Control/19 Work Without Pay/20 Spit/21 Act-Reaction/22 Self Contrition/23 Wise Up


  1. fat


  2. Randy Turner died on this day 11 years ago in his Austin Texas home.

  3. Fun,Fun,Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!