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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Totally Personal.......

Well, to sum this up, my soon-to-be-ex-wife is being a total bitch (normal), I am about sick of it and if I
hadn't met Madame Angela to keep me grounded/sane, I don't know what the fuck I'd do.........anyway, I want to dedicate a particular record to my ex......there are several good "breakup" albums out there, tow of the best are Afghan Whigs amazing "Gentlemen", and Lou Reed's psychotic "Berlin".......both of these albums deal with semi- to totally-deranged relationships, anyone who really lived out the "Berlin" scenario deserves a medal......

Anyway today I do have Local H's fantastic "Twelve Angry Months", a tremendous look at a deteriorating relationship, told one month at a time (ie: January "The One With Kid" finds them splitting their record collection......btw the reason for the song title: "Where's my Zeppelin CD's? I know you took em, you know you did, where's my Pretenders record, you know, the one with "Kid"?)........but to my soon to be former, I'd like to dedicate the lyric (same song), "baby if you would do me a favor, fall off of the earth and I'll see you later, just give me a call, and tell me you miss me A CALL I WON'T RETURN"........

Anyway, this is a fantastic album, I picked it as the BEST of 2010 or 2011 or whenever it came out, it is TOTALLY great you will see, and I am going to include the lyrics to "The One With Kid" as they are so magnificent......

And when there's no one left to lie to
FORCED to face the truth about me and you and see it from all sides
All the sides that you have battered and out grew

So baby could you do me a favor 
fall off of the earth and I'll see ya later
just give me a call and tell me you miss me a call I wont return

So now which one is the owner of the friends we made together and how do we divide a city and the bars where we drank forever
So take this for granted you'll leave here empty handed my image of you shattered winning is all that matters I won't let you got our happyHOME

GIVE me my Zeppelin CDs you know you took them I know you did
Wheres my pretenders record you know the one the one with Kid
Wheres all my ACDCs my Interpol my Libertines
Wheres all my Kyuss recoreds you never liked them untill you met me

Sad stations frustrations 
Barbed wire for coronation
My heart of glass 12 inches is scratched
No matter what its tossed in make sure
You leave with nothing won't stand and watch you get ourHOME

You got our home
You got our home
You got our home
You got our home
You got our home
My heart of glass is scratched

So take this forGRANTED you'll leave here empty handed
So hatefull so shameless
Won't let you leave here blameless
You know I can't take it
Wont laugh and smile and fake it
Your image of me shattered winning is all that matters

Oh god I can't stand it
You'll leave here empty handed
Can't stand here watch you get our home
You got our home
You got our home
You got our home
You got our home
You got our home

Yeah, "My Heart of Glass is Scratched", also a fab lyric, and here's the album, hope you enjoy it, it is 100% a 5-star classic!

01 The One With Kid/02 Michelle (again)/03 BMW Man/04 White Belt Boys/05 The Summer of Boats/06 Taxi-Cabs/07 24-Hour Breakup Session/08 Jesus Christ Did You See the Size of That Sperm Whale/09 Simple Pleas/10 Machine Shed Wrestling/11 Blur/12 Hand To Mouth



  2. Here's a fun breakup song.

    1. Now THAT'S a breakup song.

      Someone bleating about Kyuss, Pretenders & Interpol deserves everything they get!

  3. I suppose if things get nasty you could always drag this one out and play it loud.