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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stand by for a bit MORE advertising

I think advertising is often remarkable, classic artwork, time sorts out whether or not it is "art" of just
"trash".....actually, of course, it is ALL "trash", but time sorts the whole thing out.......

Let me quote the Clash ("Koka Kola")....."I get my advice from the advertising world, treat me right, party girl, Coke adds life, where there isn't any so freeze, man freeze".....OK as a lifelong Coke drinker (Coke Zero since '05!), I always wondered if Joe Strummer had a bunch of Pepsi stock, however, I digress.....Coca Cola had some of the most stunning advertising that any company ever released, and it is my pleasure to share this file of fantastic Coke ads.....and by the way....Coke (and Coke Zero) rock the fucking universe, and pepsi (I won't even capitalize it) tastes like water with WAY too much sugar in there ya go, I made myself clear, for once!



  2. I'm looking forward to seeing how many of these I remember. Many thanks.


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