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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Great one from John N: A Basket Of Mammoths

(scott) I always like it when someone slips me a buncha discs by a band I know SOMEWHAT and thus
give me the ability to learn them inside-and out....thus is the case with A Basket of Mammoths (I had originally wished to post John N's ENORMOUS Electric Orange extravaganza today, but I forgot that the sheer incredible volume of the links will take me a few days to download and convert, so that will be later in the will ALSO be incredibly worth the wait), what we have today is A Basket of Mammoths, a fab Australian psychedelic band that I've semi-known for a while........recommended by myself!

A BASKET OF MAMMOTHS EP-01 Unveil the Tail/02 Desert Plains/03 Here's a Guide/04 Mammoth on a Mission/05 poland

I AM THE WOLF SINGLE-01 I Am the Wolf/02 The Cosmic Nod

UNKEPT AND MATTED-01 Sinner's Abyss/02 Wait I'll Find Somehow/03 Chilli/04 Temple/05 Scattered/06 Lonely Days and Lonely Nights/07 Unkept and Matted/08 Like  a Bird


  1. EP



  2. Wow! Thought i'd better have a listen to anyone who can stand up and take on 'Cosmic Nod'...impressed,indeed...even more so listening to the rest...excellent. I mean, anyone who can put out the awesomely titled 'Mammoth on a Mission' deserves Huge success.
    Many thanks