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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Let's See if We can Fix the Electric Orange collection.....

Image result for electric orange live 2003I think these links should suffice, I wanted to get everything up before I fixed these.......hopefully these are good, when links are submitted to me, there is sometimes a problem in transfer, or in my upload, but as long as they are pointed out to me, I will do my best to fix them........hopefully these are OK......let me know.

OK, the 0506 file is bad, I'll ask John N if he can resubmit it, sorry, this stuff happens.....

Here is the link for Live 2003 which has been missing I think since the first part of the post:

Sometimes these large posts run into snags, I hope you can forgive it........anyway, thanks for visiting!


  1. Electric Orange & Earthless to Husker Du to Talking Heads to Zap Comics to ... lots of stuff I don't know anything about amazing ! overwhelming ! well, at least extremely whelming .. thank you ... great job