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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Jon S with The Grifters

(scott)-Jon S goes 2 for 2 on bands that are new to me today, as I do not know Memphis' Grifters
either....checked out just a couple of the tracks and they sounded just fine, obviously material worthy of further investigation, artistic pop-rock ca. mid 1990's, which is quite often a fertile ground for under-appreciatd acts......I'll hear this today or tomorrow, but if it's new to you please offer up your opinions.

The Grifters

One Sock Missing (1993)

01 Bummer/02 She Blows Blasts of Static/03 Shark/04 Teenage Jesus/05 Side/06 #1/07 Tupelo Moan/08 Wonder/09 Corolla Hoist/10 Encrusted/11 The Casual Years/12 Sain/13 Just Passing Out/14 I Arise

Crappin' You Negative (1994)

01 Rats/02 Maps of the Sun/03 Dead Already/04 Black Fuel Incinerator/05 Skin Man Palace/06 Arizona/07 Felt-Tipped Over/08 Holmes/09 Get Outta That Spaceship & Fight Like a Man/10 Piddlebach/11 Bronze Cast/12 Junkie Blood/13 Here Comes Larry/14 Cinnamon

Eureka - EP (1995)

01 Eureka I.V./02 His Jesus Song/03 Slow Day For The Cleaner/04 Whatever Happened To Felix Cole/05 Founder's Day Parade/06 Banjo/07 X-RayHIP

Ain't My Lookout (1996)                                                                                                

01 Covered With Flies/02 Parting Shot/03 Mysterious Friends/04 Boho_Alt/05 Pretty Notes/06 Day Shift/07 Last Man Alive/08 My Apology/09 The Straight Time/10 Return To Cinder/11 Give Yourself To Me/12 Fixed In The Sky/13 Radio City Suicide

Full Blown Possession (1997)

01 Re-Entry Blues/02 Fireflies/03 Spaced Out/04 Centuries/05 Sweetest Thing/06 Happy/07 Wicked Thing/08 Blood Thirsty Lovers/09 Hours/10 You Be The Stranger/11 Cigarette/12CONTACT Me Now


  1. Yeah a very under rated band for sure, they and J Church were two of my favourite bands at that time!! Reb

  2. Love this band. Saw a reunion show earlier this year, and they are great live. If GBV was The Who of the low-fi scene, then Grifters were The Stones.

    1. If you are new to the Grifters, I would say start with Ain't My Lookout, then Crappin You Negative. One Sock (first LP) is the rawest, and Possession (last LP) is the slickest, but there are great songs on all of them.