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Monday, August 15, 2016

Classic bra and panty ads

I know I've been concentrating a bit more than usual on non-musical posts, and there is a reason for this......I am working on a super John N submission on the fab Electric Orange, but it is going to take me several days to download it, there are so MANY links, (this is going to be a BITCHING post when it's done, he's also got a fab Krautrock comp in the pipes as well), so I'm pretty much fucking around right now, waiting for downloads and the like......anyway, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU if you don't want to at least, in the downtime, take a glance at some vintage bra and panty ads? Jesus Christ when I was a WAY small child, I'd have paid up BIG compensation for these!-




  2. Hola amigo, soy un seguidor del blog, me gustaría estar en su lista de blogs aqui dejo mi sitio .

    Muchas gracias amigo, un saludo desde Peru.

  3. Look forward to Electric Orange , a much underappreciated band .