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Monday, August 15, 2016

Andy Warhol

Many loved him, many hated him, personally I always enjoyed his bizarre views of the universe. I don't think this is anywhere near his complete works, but there are 160 samples of his stuff here, you be the judge......


  1. Thanks mate. Joe d'allesandro, star of most of Warhol's films was the land lord at my building in Hollywood. Very cool guy. He is the cover photo of Sticky Fingers. Joe said the Stones paid him a lot of money for that album cover and Andy just walked over to a box of polaroids and went through a few and yanked the jeans photo out. Joe is also Little Joe in Walk on the Wildside. The apartments are the Brevoort Hotel in Hollywood. Apartments start around 3 bills a month..yes, in this day and age. I had a huge room, it was 420.00 a month. You have to know someone to get in but it's one hell of an art conclave.

  2. Ruben FUCKING CALL ME.,,,,937 206 9022..,,,,I want to know what happened to you!