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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Female Body (PDF File)

This is a cool book, I hope you find it as helpful as I have over time......pointing out all of a woman's specific MOST eroginous zones.......TRUST ME, I have learned that the back of a woman's kneecaps, the joint at her armpits/arms, her wrists, an DOZENS more are spots that CAN drive your baby crazy.....If you need Angela to confirm this, we can do it, but maybe just TRUST the book, put your ego to bed, and try to learn something, gicing (the right) woman an orgasm is EASY if you know what you are doing......and once you get there, you're where you wanna be, as she'll be so grateful she will be THRILLED to hook up up with whatever YOU want! That's how it works in my world anyway, and if you just read the book (I did) , it will be a HUGE help for you in your life!



  2. Link is the Jay & Silent Bob link

  3. corrected link

  4. I'm guessing your ex reads your blog...

    1. Not likely unless I was discussing horrible rap "music" or something