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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

An amazing Jonder covers project

(Scott)-I love the homemade cover projects people send in more than just about anything.....and this one is
SO appropriate as my baby is leaving for the university of Akron in three weeks!  So a cover version of the best album from Akron's best band is just what the doctor ordered!

In 1979, KROQ invited listeners to send in Devo covers, and the winners were included on an album called Devotees

There have been several Devo tribute albums since then: SpudSuckersAre We Not Devo? and We Are Not Devo.  The band Claw Hammer covered Devo's debut album in 1991.  And in 2014, the band Deer Tick performed Devo's first album live as "Deervo".  Deer Tick also performed In Utero as Deervana, and has both the Deervo and Deervana sets.

Tracks 1-11 of my Devo covers collection are in debut LP order, followed by some later Devo songs.  There are some great remakes here, including the band Catherine (with Chris Connelly) turning "Come Back Jonee" into a Bowiesque ballad, and a mashup of Devo's "Gut Feeling" with a monologue by the late great comedian Bill Hicks.   

My personal favorites are Superchunk's razor-sharp "Girl U Want" and the Hex Dispensers' version of "Gates Of Steel".  "The Day Josh Homme Gave Me A Surprise" by Brody Dalle (aka Spinnerette) is also quite good. 

And there's plenty of metal:  Sepultura, Fight Amp, Big Business, Fu Manchu, and Ohio's own Croatan.  If you've never heard the Del Rubio Triplets, they are as cringeworthy as the Shaggs or Mrs. Miller.

If "Whip It" is your only point of reference for Devo, you should grab the first three Devo albums plus Hardcore Devo, all of which Scott posted back in March.  


01 Uncontrollable Urge - Melt-Banana
02 Satisfaction - The Residents
03 Praying Hands - Claw Hammer
04 Space Junk - Deer Tick
05 Mongoloid - Sepultura
06 Jocko Homo - Croatan
07 Too Much Paranoias - Fight Amp
08 Gut Feeling vs. It's Just A Ride - The Death Set
09 Come Back Jonee - Catherine 
10 Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin') - The Ribeye Brothers
11 Shrivel Up - Knife Lust
12 Be Stiff - Big Business
13 Girl U Want - Superchunk
14 Turnaround - Nirvana
15 The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise - Spinnerette 
16 Gates of Steel - The Hex Dispensers
17 Blockhead - The Ergs!
18 Freedom of Choice - Fu Manchu
19 That's Pep! - Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy
20 Whip It - The Del Rubio Triplets



  1. I would start a church specifically to practice the worship of Spinnerette!

  2. Best wishes to your young spud at college!

  3. Nice collection! I'd like to add 2 more Girl U Want covers: Robert Palmer & Soundgarden, both pretty cool.

  4. I have heard Soundgarden's slow version of Girl U want but not the Robert Palmer cover. The Mummies also covered it. Thanks for your comment!

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