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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another one for Angie

This is another one for my new love, my witch whom I love with all my heart......She liked the "Encyclopedia
Sorry, I know this is personal, but Angie is a part of this blog as well as part of my life (fun fact: she followed the Grateful Dead around the US for some 150-200 shows after she got out of high school......NOT something I would do, for sure, but it is another piece of the puzzle that makes her the love of my life. )

here you go Angie, I hope that THIS book is legit also, if it's bogus I'm sorry, but I love you either way and I post it in tribute to YOU, my you always! Thank you for making me happy, life is FAR too short to be miserable all the time, as you have taught me.....I have so much more to learn from you, and I promise I will absorb every bit until we are both on the same plain...I love you Angie, and I am telling that to the world here, at least to the blogosphere........

Look for some Johnny Laing/Buddy Guy in the next couple of days, as I can't wait to see this show with my love Angie........I know I posted some Buddy last year when Grant and I went, but hey, it's fucking BUDDY FUCKING can live through it again!

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