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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Studkid with Never Before

(Scott) I had not heard this one before gave it a listen today and it's really quite good. An album and an EP,
and since you're all so wonderful a link for a video concert as well!
Never before from Beijing, China plays some heavy jazzie stoner, which is kind of
aREFRESHING view on the genre.

Never before - King of Worms (2016
1 Born to Lose
2 Killer or Survivor
3 Drink, Fuck, Puke
4 Wild Dog
5 Cold Blood Mike
6 Free Soul
7 The Man Who Came From Mushroom Land
8 10,000 Years of Sleep
9 Fall
10 Last Leaf, Drink, Fuck, Puke II

Plus EP

Never Before - Never Before - Evil StrawWARTS Live (2014)
01 Wild Dog
02 Fall
03 Clockwork pig
04 Welcome to Your Funeral


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