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Friday, August 19, 2016

Look What I Did

No, no, no, it's the name of a band, not me making a cute post title......I wish I could present a more complete picture of this bunch, unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to run down their stuff (John N in the house?).....the only album I have is the cleverly titled "Atlas Drugged" (I am something of an Ayn Rand fan). Anyway, this bunch came from Nashville in the early 00's, spitting out a fairly different batch of post-hardcore, incorporating unusual musical styles and some WAY off the wall lyrics.

This, as best as I can find, is album #3 (of 4, I think).......pretty damn interesting/ambitious effort, really, when you have song titles like "My Girlfriend Leo Strauss" and "Six Flags Over Jesus" you know that there are tons of laughs ahead!.......actually my fave here is the album closer "Baby Darwins", but here is the main thing: does ANYONE have the remainder of their body of work? I feel like I'm breaking in at the middle of their career and I can't really get a good grip on what they are/were about.......John N or even Doug from Ohio (both of whom seem to have every album ever recorded), see if you can maybe hook us up?

Anyway, this is worth a listen......always fun to hear some sarcastic, semi-intellectual hardcore stuff, I'd just like a more complete picture of what they were about......never posted this one before, I don't think, but this IS worth a listen, and some additional material would be way interesting! Meanwhile, enjoy THIS album!

ATLAS DRUGGED-01 Six Flags Over Jesus/02 Daft/03 Jekyll Island Flat Scratch/04 Holding Pattern/05 I'm Majoring In Psychology/06 My Girlfriend Leo Strauss/07 Serf Song/08 Shit $/09 Pussy Camitatus/10 Quit It/11 Hematospermia/12 Baby Darwins

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