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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Brian improves on the previous Talking Heads posts!

When Scott posted that pile of Talking Heads stuff (in May I think?), I grabbedBACKUPS for my LPs of the early albums. One listen to them, and my ears said no. A file for TH'77 or Fear of Music shouldn't be less than 50MB. Tiny and tinny, and for my money, the Heads deserve better. So, I went and found files for those two albums, taken @320 from the 2005 remastered editions, with bonus tracks. Please upgrade, and enjoy...

And stay tuned; great covers stuff coming soon!


  1. Talking Heads '77

    Fear Of Music

    1. Any chance you could do the same for More Songs About Buildings and Food? It's also only 52mb. Thank you.

    2. I'll make a 320 rip of my CD the next time I'm near a computer, and then I'll put the link here, so check back in a few days.