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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Women as the Canvass

While I'm dragging out things I posted long ago, my mind jumps to "Women as the Canvass", a freakish
favorite of mine with some beautiful women with some damn beautiful ink.....I LOVE tats on women, ("tits" also, hard to go wrong with either!).....these to me are sexy as fuck, and if you think I have a lot of music, a lot of comics, a lot of personal issues, whatever, I likely have more photo collections of the beautiful women (and I truly think that EVERY ONE of them is beautiful) that inhabit this world than of ANYTHING else....again, it's say, "HA Scott I bet you don't have any Angelina Jolie!" and next thing you know you'll see 1000 photos of her fine ass........just try me.



  2. I normally just go for the music but I can't resist this - many thanks.