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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Rising from the ashes of the Swedish stoner band Skintrade, we have  Roachpowder who released a couple of albums mid 1990's......I have only this one (the second), "Atomic Church".....this is pretty solid Black Sabbath/Electric Wizard sort of stoner-metal, and this is also a damn fine disc......anyone have the other one? This one is really pretty cool with the Sabbath-style guitars and multi-tracked may wish to especially check out "All hail and Kneel Before Me", but there are other gems here as well should you desire to seek them out.......another of those bands on which information is somewhat lacking, but the one album that I do have from them really does rock like a motherfucker.

ATOMIC CHURCH-01 House of the Wicked/02 Purgatorio Amoroso/03 All Hail and Kneel Before Me/04 To Ebola With Love/05 Balls of the Sun/06 Harp/07 No Reasons/08 Bullets of Creation/09 Oceans Red/10 Into the Center



  2. LOVE Roachpowder.... Awesome stuff....

  3. Roachpowder was awesome, & I too have been on that elusive hunt for the second album for years as well. Help!