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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another fab Jon S submission

(scott) forgive me, that Beastie Boys thing was a WHOLE LOTTA work, (see? I still put out on my own
sometimes) afer the delay, Jon S sends in a fab post of both True West and Hunters and Collectors, I know them both somewhat and have found them to be way cool.......and really, when has Jon S EVER steered us wrong in ANY situation?

Last night I was out walking the dog and a song started playing in my head. Couldn't pinpoint it for a minute and then I realized it was the band, True West. I hadn't thought about, let alone listened to them in ages. It took some scouring ofTHE INTERNET but I found Hollywood Holiday Revisited, a compilation of sorts. It includes the Hollywood Holiday album, itself a sort of comp, but mainly it has all of Drifters - one of my all-time favorites. I played that album at least a million times and I still remember the whole thing as its playing.

True West - Hollywood Holiday Revisited

01 Steps To The Door/02 I'm Not Here/03 And Then The Rain/04 Hollywood Holiday/05 Lucifer Sam/06 It's About Time/07 Throw Away The Key/08 You/09 Look Around/10 At Night They Speak/11 Speak Easy/12 Shot You Down/13 What About You/14 Hold On/15 And Then The Rain/16 Backroad Bridge Song (What Could I Say)/17 Ain't No Hangman/18 Morning Light/19 Burn The Roses/20 Look Around/21 Throw Away The Key

Also included here is the first album by Hunters & Collectors. They actually made it pretty big for awhile but the sound of the "hits" was very different from this primal album. This also took some searching to find. I found the tracks for the Australian version of the album as well and all are included here.

Hunters & Collectors - Hunters & Collectors (1982)

01 Towtruck/02 Drop Tank/03 Mouthtrap/04 Lumps Of Lead/05 Talking To A Stranger/06 Scream Who/07 Run Run Run/08 Alligator Engine/09 Skin Of Our Teeth/10 Junket Head/11 Boo Boo Kiss/12 Tender Kinder Baby/13 World Of Stone/14 Watcher/15 Loinclothing

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