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Friday, August 19, 2016

Betty Blowtorch

An old fave of mine, while I'm dragging out stuff I posted years ago, I may as well go this direction as
well....Betty Blowtorch were a very crude female punk band, composed of singer/bassist Bianca Butthole, guitarist Sharon Needles (!), guitarist Blare N Bitch, and drummer Judy Molish.

Their first release was an EP entitled "Get Off", it features a couple of the centerpieces of the full length debut "Are You Man Enough?" ("Shut Up and Fuck" and "I'm Ugly and I Don't Know Why" are among the standouts that appear on the album).....the EP is also notable for the inclusion of "We Want Drugs".

"Are You Man Enough" was released in 2001, besides the two above mentioned gems, it includes the bizarre "Size Queen" which actually features a Vanilla Ice (!) "rap" in which he boasts about the size of his manhood (NOT kidding), "Big Hair Broken Heart", which is a tribute to Lita Ford (yummy) and other hair band stars of the 80's, and the very cool "Frankie" about losing a boyfriend which may be the albums best song. Highly recommend this album.

Bianca was killed in a car crash in late 2001, spelling the end of the band......"Last Call" was assembled from demos, live tracks and whatever else, I guess the world needs a Betty Blowtorch rarities collection somewhere.

Really really liked the "Are You Man Enough" album, the EP and the rarities collection are more for completists and fans, but, hey, be honest......where ELSE are you gonna find THIS great stuff?

GET OFF-01 Betty Blowtorch Anthem/02 Fish Taco/03 I Wanna Be Your Sucker/04 Shut Up and Fuck/05 Party Til Ya Puke/06 Get Off/07 I'm Ugly and I Don't Know Why/08 We Want Drugs/09 Betty Blowtorch

ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH-01 Hell on Wheels/02 LOVE/HATE/03 Size Queen/04 I'm Ugly and I Don't
Know Why/05 Shut Up and Fuck/06 Frankie/07 I Wish You'd Die/08 Big Hair Broken Heart/09 Part Time Hooker/10 Rock My World/11 Dresses/12 Strung Out/13 Rock N Roll/14 Betty Blowtorch Anthem/15 Get Off/16 PMS

LAST CALL-01 Rock My World (Live)/02 Party Til Ya Puke/03 I Wanna Be On Epitaph (unreleased demo)/04 Fish taco/05 Shrinkwrap (unreleased demo)/06 Limousines (Interview Clip)/07 Van (Unreleased Demo)/08 Dresses (Unreleased demo)/09 Shut Up and Fuck (Alternate Version)/10 Diarrhea (Outtake)/11 Changing Underwear (interview clip)/12 Yesterday II, The Sequel (B Side)/13 Frankie (Live)/14 I Wanna Be Your Sucker (Live)/15 Ode to Dickhead (Acoustic)/16 Dickhead on the radio (Interview Clip)/17 Get Off/18 Kill the Butcher/19 Teenage Whore (unreleased demo)/20 Funeral Crashing Tonite (acoustic)/21 T.I.T. (Interview Clip)/22 Rock N Roll '85/23 LOVE/HATE/24 I've Been So Mad Lately (Rehearsal)/25 Johnny Depp (Interview Clip)/26 Size Queen (Live)/27 I'm Ugly and I Don't Know Why (Live)/28 Betty Blowtorch Anthem/29 Hell On Wheels (Live)

Upon further review, "Last Call" is fairly comprehensive.....I really liked the band, actually, at least their (more or less) only album; slutty, loud mouthed, drug addled women will always have a place in my heart.....the deal is this....check out "Are You", if you like it, investigate further with the EP and the compilation.......this is a really cool band, in my opinion, that slipped through the cracks of history, but please give them a shot, they ARE worth your while!

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