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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Anyone for ZAP! comix?

This is actually about as good as it gets, my childhood committed forever to my hard drive, I guess, but as a
youth I lived for the Freak Brothers, and, especially, Zap! is damn near the entire collection, if not complete it is damn close......I posted these before, WAY back like a lot of this stuff I've been draging out, and it was popular as hell.......dig up on the brilliance of R Crumb, and if you are a PUP (ie under 45, let's say), TRY to understand (I doubt if you are able) how incredibly controversial these were, and how "forbidden" they were (I had three issues confiscated in junior high school, imagine, if you will, a public school in 2016 having no greater concerns that what COMIC BOOKS a student has on his person)....

Anyway, along with the Freak Brothers (ask nice and maybe I'll repost THEM soon as well, truth be told I favor those SLIGHTLY above Zap! but not much), Zap! comics were the absolute epitome of 1970's underground comics, a wonderful "forbidden fruit" that, while deliciously dated, still stands up under the pressures of time.........don't bitch at ME if you miss this one again.......

The brilliance of R Crumb is just stunning......I've got some more of his work around here, notably his amazing version of the new testament of the Christian Bible, which is amazing and probably "re-post" much to share, and so little time.


  1. ZAP 1

    ZAP 2

  2. Too excellent for words. Thanks, Scott.

  3. Freaks Bros and any other underground comix- please!

  4. The first time I walked into an actual head shop as a high school sophomore....memories!

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  6. A million thanks for the Zap, very excellent gift for my weekend! Any any any others desired and appreciated!