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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Brian asked yesterday about Lo Pan as he had recently found one of their albums ("Salvador")......well, I
happen to have three of their four (I think) albums, from the great city of Columbus Ohio, Lo-Pan cranked out some bad-ass stoner metal during the 2000's-2010's, hell they may still be kicking it for all I know.....if I had to liken them to another stoner band, it might be Wo Fat or Sasquatch, both of whom I have always loved.

This stuff kicks ass.......often times I forget about all the great stoner rock albums that I have never even posted, and it's good to get a wake up call and reminder that there are about a million out there that I haven't gotten to yet.

LO PAN-01 Hills are Alive/02 Track 2/03 To the Bone/04 Break You Open/05 Quick Hell/06 Burnt to the Skin/07 Mission/08 Words/09 Mustmiss/10 Kill to Blame

SASQUANAUT-01 Dragline/02 Savage Henry/03 Kurtz/04 Callahan/05 Kramer/06 Vega/07 Vego/08 Wade Garrett

SALVADOR-01 El Dorado/02 Bleeding Out/03 Seed/04 Bird of
Prey/05 Deciduous/06 Intro/07 Chichen Itza/08 Spartacus/09 Struck Match/10 Generations/11 Solo


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  2. Any possibility of getting these reupped?