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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sexty Sexers

From Spain come the Sexty Sexers, singer Mikel Larratxe, guitarists Julen Irazoki and Joseba Baleztna, bassist Xiker Salaberria, and drummer Inaki Fortun....they have released a few discs, this is the only one on my shelf, 2010's "Hero Mantra"......

Basically pretty good Spanish language/English blended metal/stoner rock, goes pretty damn hard all the way through, the vocals aren't maybe the greatest, but it DOES rock hard, in particular the fairly slammin' closer "So We Died".....

Been a little while since I just grabbed a handfull of random CD's and threw them up here, but that's kind of what I'm feeling today, and first up are the Sexty Sexers!

HERO MANTRA-01 Rotten My Casiopea/02 Haginak Again/03 Zyklon Birika/04 Kaktus Rock/05 Behor Begaik So/06 Hi Otso/07 Tetsuo Edo Melquiades/08 So We Died

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