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Monday, August 8, 2016

A new contributor

(scott) this is actually a friend of my son Grant......seemingly a pretty cool submission (haven't listened
yet).....his name seems to be something along the lines of "Juke the Snip Donna", whatever that means, but he has contributed a few albums I am not familiar with, sand THAT is what we are all about here......check these out (yes, I will as well) and comment, a youthful perspective is also a positive thing!

Hey, I got some bands you may like for your blog:
1. This Heat
Brixton Avant-Garde Rock band from the late seventies. They mix a ton of really cool and obscure sounds together and put it through a dreary post-apocalyptic lens.

2. Cromagnon
New York Experimental band from the sixties, sounds like crazy prehistoric psychedelia. Not much else I could find about these guys.

3. John Gavanti
Another New York band from '81. This is a mini-opera that's kind of a dadaist parody of Don Giovanni, really strange story about a man who travels the world and commits various atrocities with his crewmen.

Liking your blog so far, will keepUPDATED on it.