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Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Couple of Only Ones Boots

OK, so I posted what I thought was The Only Ones Peel Sessions.......that is what the disc said, popped it
in, copied it, etc........well, according to one reader,a this is NOT the Peel Sessions, rather some sort of comp of their various albums. Me, I say oh well, my discs are labeled how they are labeled, and sometimes I get one that is mislabeled........such is life......but to make it up to ya, here are a pair of boots from the Only Ones, "Live at the Electric Ballroom 1979"  and "Live at Paradiso 1979"........should make up for any confusion crated before.......both these shows are pretty good, sound wise and performance wise.

ELECTRIC BALLROOM-01 Trouble in the World/02 Programme/03 The Beast/04 The Happy Pilgrim/05 Lovers of Today/06 Strange Mouth/07 Why Don't You kill Yourself/08 No Peace For the Wicked/09 As My Wife Says/10 Miles From Nowhere/11 The Big Sleep/12 Another Girl Another Planet/13 City of Fun/14 Me & My Shadow

PARADISO-1 As My Wife Says/ 2.Inbetweens/ 3.Programme/ 4. Oh Lucinda Love Becomes A Habit/ 5.The Big Sleep/ 6. Language Problem/ 7. Miles From Nowhere/ 8. The Beast/ 9. Another Girl, Another Planet /10.Peter And The Pets /11. City OfFun            / 12. Trouble In The World/ 13. Me And My Shadow /14. The Immortal Story


  1. electric


  2. Not always but Only Ones are fab, thank you