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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rogue Wave

You never know about cover projects........the ones made by team GBFAL are always aces, and some commercial ones are ok, yet some suck hard core.......on this one Rogue Wave takes on a variety of 80's music.....listening to them right now take on "Rescue" from Echo & the Bunnymen, it's a good version, and there are lots more 80's nuggets, both legit ("Under the Milky Way") and campy ("Bette Davis Eyes")....if this was TOO silly I wouldn't post it, but it's really quite good and that is why it's here......thanks to John N.

COVER ME-01 Rescue/02 In Between Days/03 Let My Love Open the Door/04 That's All/05 Bette Davis Eyes/06 Sharp Dressed Man/07 She Sells Sanctuary/08 Under the Milky Way/09 Talking In Your Sleep/10 In a Big Country/11 Love My Way/12 Money Changes Everything

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