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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Maybe not, but this might be the best release of the still very young year that I have hard thusfar.....I think it  is the third album from Japandroids, a duo from Vancouver BC......they have a hell of a pedigree, Spin Magazine's band of the year 2012, and much critical love for the previous releases (I don't have em.....any help?)......

Really do like this one though, clever lyrics, tight rocking song-structures, nice blend of hard post-punk/garage-noise, I really can't stress enough how much you need to hear this one. THANKS to John N for sending this one our way.....took me a while to get to but good stuff is worth the wait......

And, it's a new (2017) release, so you SHOULD know what that means by now. use your decoder ring if you don't.

NEAR TO THE WILD HEART OF LIFE-01 Near to the Wild Heart of Life/02 North East South West/03 True Love and A Free Life of Free Will/04 I'm Sorry (For Not Finding You Sooner)/05 Arc of Bar/06 Midnight to Morning/07 No Known Drink or Drug/08 In a Body Like a Grave



  2. The ultra-crunchy guitars, and especially the manner they are tracked-backed-coupled with cleaner ones OMG this record arouse me like a hairy pussy!

  3. Big Scott For You Japandroids Celebration Rock