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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Complete Mastadon Part 2 EP's

As I said before, not terribly familiar with the work of this band, but the "official" albums which were posted
the other day get pretty much all positive marks from me, and today we have a handful of EP's and stuff for ya......thanks to everyone who has helped turn me onto this band, really do like them.

First up is the oldest article I can find, a 9-track demo disc from 2000. It is much less polished than the more recent efforts, obviously, but worth a listen, in particular for fans. The "Lifesblood" EP was a five-song effort from 2001. 2003 gives us the single "March of the Fire Ants". Next up, an interesting, all-instrumental version of the album "Crack the Skye".....usually I think things like this fall flat, this one is worth a listen. finally, from 2010, the "Jonah Hex Revenge Gets Ugly" EP collects some later odds and sods. Most of this stuff would be for fans I assume, which is great, and the NEXT Mastadon post will wrap this up with a generous handfull of live, until then, enjoy. Rock on, Mastadon!

9 SONG DEMO-01 Shadows That Move/02 Welcoming War/03 We Thank You For This/04 We Built
This Come Death/05 Call of the Mastadon/06 Slickleg/07 Hail to Fire/08 Deep Sea Creature/09 Battle at Sea

LIFESBLOOD-01 Shadows That Move/02 Welcoming War/03 We Built This Come Death/04 Hail to Fire/05 Battle at Sea

MARCH OF THE FIRE ANTS-01 March of the Fire Ants (Video Edit)/02 Where Strides the Behemoth

CRACK THE SKYE (INSTRUMENTAL)-01 Oblivion/02 Divinations/03 Quintessence/04 The Czar/05 Ghost of Karelia/06 Crack the Skye/07 The Last Baron/08 Crack the Skye

Clayton Boys/03 Indian Theme/04 Train Assault/05 Death March (Alternate)/06 Clayton Boys (Alternate)

Remember, next Mastadon post will likely have ten or so live boots, from all stages of their career!

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