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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Only Ones Peel Sessions

One of the most overlooked of the great new wave bands was The Only Ones......I did a post of thier studio albums a while back, man, if the only thing you know is "Another Girl, Another Planet", you are missing about 80% of what is great here......I mean when it came to songwriting, these duddes churned out winner  after winner, all captured perfectly in this 1979 Peel Session.

Oh Lucinda 3:11/2 No Peace For The Wicked 2:30/ 3Oh No2:01 /4 The Beast 5:33 /5 In Betweens 3:40/6 Another Girl, Another Planet 2:54/7 Language Problem 2:26 /8 From Here To Eternity 3:20 /9 Lovers Of Today 3:02/ 10 Why Don't You Kill Yourself 3:02 11 Telescopic Love 2:42/ 12 Flaming Torch 2:16/ 13Miles From Nowhere 3:38/ 14 Prisoners 3:10/15 The Happy Pilgrim 2:41/16 5:11
The Big Sleep


  1. You make my day bro! Loving this band... and missing this one. I take my good cans right now & vavauma!

  2. Can anyone name a better pop single than "Another Girl, Another Planet"? Me thinks not. Great post, thank you.

  3. It's the Only Ones alright, except not the Peel Sessions set. Shazam indicates it's a compilation of tracks from various releases. Thanks all the same.

  4. Double checking with another peel session that i have... it·S diverse in track order... some track overlap. But THE THING!