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Monday, February 20, 2017

Sons of Ultra-Mega garage Fuzz, Part 8

Still working dilligently to complete this gigantiac torrent of 60's garage-fuzz I've said,
these have been very popular, and here is NO overlap between the "Garage Fuzz" series and "Sons of" I personally pruned out the duplicates, so you get 100% "new" material! Thanks for enjoying this series, I agree, it's fab.......

VOLUME 8-01 HAL BLAINE AND THE YOUNG COUGARS-Green Monsters/02 HALF LIFE-Get Down/03 HAMILTON STREETCAR-Invisible People/04 HANGMEN-Dream Baby/05 HARBRINGER COMPLEX-Tomorrow's Sound/06 HARD ROAD-You Rub Me the Wrong Way/07 HARD TIMES-Old Wine New Bottles/08 HAUNTED-I Can Only Give You Everything/09 HAYMARKET RIOT-Nine O Clock/10 HAZARDS-Hey Joe/11 HEARD-You're Gonna Miss Me/12 HENCHMEN-Say/13 HERGS-Style of Love/14 HEROES-I Can Only Give You Everything/15 HOPE-Where Are You Going To/16 HUMAN BEINGS-Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/17 I LIARS-Extremo Oriento/18 IMPACT EXPRESS-A Little Love/19 IMPACT EXPRESS-I'm Gonna Change the World/20 INITIAL SHOCK-Long Time Comin'/21 INN-SECT-let Me Tell You About the Things I Need/22 INNSMEN-I Don't Know/23 INRHODES-Try and Stop Me/24 INTRUDERS-She's Mine/25 INVASION-Do You Like What You See

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