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Saturday, February 18, 2017

House of Love

Inline image 1Fabio continues to send stuff I need to hear, I am also unfamiliar with House of Love's "HOL" is a new one on me, even though it dates way back to 1987.......I'll have to personally check this one and see what we have here, but I always trust Fabio on these things.......btw, he recommends the tracks "Destroy the Heart" and "Shine On".

01 Destroy the Heart.m4a
02 Shine On.m4a
03 Real Animal.m4a
04 Nothing to Me.m4a
05 The Hedonist.m4a
06 Plastic.m4a
07 Blind.m4a
08 On the Hill.m4a
09 Flow.m4a
10 Mr Jo.m4a
11 Welt.m4a
12 Love.m4a
13 Loneliness Is a Gun.m4a


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