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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Iguana Death Cult

Inline image 1Well, it's another day, so that means it is time for yet another stoner rock submission from Fabio that I have never heard of.......what will I do when he finally runs out of stuff? He certainly has given the blog a shot of adrenalin with all of his amazingly great stoner rock and other submissions......he has nicely filled the void left by my OTHER stoner rock go-to guy, Studkid, who is currently MIA (come back soon my brother!)

Anyway, I haven't heard this one yet, but Fabio doesn't let me down........this is the place to be for obscure stoner rock.......once again, team GBFAL is a motherfucker!!!!!!!

Iguana Death Cult - The First Stirrings of Hideous Insect Life (2017)

(01)[Iguana Death Cult] - Pyramids.mp3
(02)[Iguana Death Cult] - The Dreamer.mp3
(03)[Iguana Death Cult] - Can of Worms.mp3
(04)[Iguana Death Cult] - Whispers.mp3
(05)[Iguana Death Cult] - Seven Tongues.mp3
(06)[Iguana Death Cult] - Mutterschiff 308.mp3
(07)[Iguana Death Cult] - Freak.mp3
(08)[Iguana Death Cult] - Voodoo Mirror.mp3
(09)[Iguana Death Cult] - Jellyfish.mp3

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