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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Fabio sends us another stoner gem, this time from Poland......the third full length from Dopelord, "Children of the Haze"......this is pretty good, might remind one of Sleep (it did me) or some of the other similar bands of the genre......anyway Fabio continues to amaze with  quality stoner rock and other slamming stuff, and I thahnk him from the bottom of my heart......I've said many times before, I would have shut this down LONG ago if not for my GBFAL team of submittors, they are the best.

CHILDREN OF THE HAZE-01 Navigator/02 Scum Priest/03 Children of the Haze/04 Skulls and Candles/05 Dead Inside (parts I and II)/06 Reptile Sun

If you are a stoner/doom fan here is another band form your approval......and again thanks to Fabio.!2ZJCGABS!1kNX7Czf7yLGte4vXGg7uA

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