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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Complete Mastadon Part 3, Live Stuff

This will wrap up my mega-Mastadon series, got six live discs for your approval, from various parts of their
career, and ranging from the 4-track EP from Japan to the sprawling 2 disc "Live at Brixton".......a pretty good live metal band, I've learned a good bit about them doing this series, pretty damn good heavy band.

LIVE IN ATLANTA 2000-01 Ole Nessie/02 March of the Fire Ants/03 Hail To Fire/04 Where Strides the Behemouth/05 Battle at Sea/06 Mother Puncher/07 Burning Man/08 Workhorse/09 Crusher Destroyer

LIVE IN JAPAN 2004-01 Battle At Sea/02 Crusher Destroyer/03 Thank You For This/We Built This Come Death/04 Where Strides the Behemouth

LIVE IN STOCKHOLM 2005-01 Hearts Alive/02 I Am Ahab/03 Island/04 Crusher Destroyer/05 Megalodon/06 Blood and Thunder/07 Where Strides the Behemouth /08 Mother Puncher/09 Aqua Dementia/10 Iron Tusk/11 March of the Fire Ants/12 The Bit

LIVE AT THE ARAGON 2011-01 Oblivion/02 Divinations/03 Quintessence/04 The Czar/05 Ghost of Karelia/06 Crack the Skye/07 The Last Baron/08 Circle of Cysquatch/09 Aqua Dementia/10 Where Strides the Behemouth/11 Mother Puncher/12 The Bit

March of the Fire Ants/03 Crack the
Skye/04 Ghost of Karelia/05 Sleeping Giant/06 The Wolf Is Loose/07 Blood and Thunder

LIVE AT  BRIXTON 2013-01 Dry Bone Valley/02 Black Tongue/03 Crystal Skull/04 I Am Ahab/05 Capillarian Crest/06 Colony of Birchmen/07 Megalodon/08 Thickening/09 Blasteroid/10 Sleeping Giant/11 Ghost of Karelia/12 All The Heavy Lifting/13 Spectrelight/14 Curl of the Burl/15 Bedazzled Fingernails/16 Circle of Cysquatch/17 Guitar Solo/18 Aqua Dementia/19 Crack the Skye/20 Where Strides the Behemouth/21 Iron Tusk/22 March of the Fire Ants/23 Blood and Thunder/24 Creature Lives

Hope everyone has enjoyed the Mastadon overload, if you have another fave band you'd like to see profiled here in this manner, please tell me!


  1. atl





    brixton part 1

    brixton part 2

  2. The Aragon stand out... to me at least!