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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Adrian Borland & the Citizens

Fabio sends this along, Adrian Borland being late of The Sound.......gonna include the touching email send to me by Fabio, as Borland obviously meant a good deal to him.......great stuff here, thanks to Fabio for another gem.

I still remember the day I read of A. Borland suicide... the feeling was the same if a friend have jumped in front of that train! 
He left his simply but Beautiful music... for me Adrian IS bigger than... say, Leonard Cohen!

ADRIAN BORLAND & The Citizens - ALEXANDRIA  (1989)

01 Light the Sky.mp3
02 She's My Heroine.mp3
03 Deep Deep Blue.mp3
04 Rogue Beauty.mp3
05 Beneath the Big Wheel.mp3
06 Community Call.mp3
07 No Ethereal.mp3
08 Other Side of the World.mp3
09 Crystalline.mp3
10 Shadow of Your Grace.mp3
11 Weight of Stuff.mp3


  1. Thanks Scott and Fabio.
    Hugely underrated Adrian Borland and the Sound also by the way. Saw the Sound live with From the lion's mouth. It was one of the best and intensive concerts I have ever seen.

  2. I'm only 5 at the time Jan... I learned THE Verb by my older cousin ...we listened few sratched records on an old phono-valigia Geloso in an almost religious manner... the same of today for What I love.

    1. Hi Fabio. I know what you mean. For me it was almost the same.
      And 5 is indeed a bit too young. :-)You would have loved the passion, the drive and the playing of the Sound, especially Adrian.

  3. Thanks so much for uploading! It has always been a pain for me to get this album. You play a big part in sharing Adrian Borland's legacy with everyone. Cheers!