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Friday, February 24, 2017

Return of The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Psych-rockers Brian Jonestown Massacre certainly will never be accused of poor work ethic, they have
released a ton of albums, this one, "Third World Pyramid" (2016) is interesting enough, as have been most of their stuff....this would be, by my count, album number before, plenty of everything-but the kitchen sink experimentation, a solid effort, wanted to point out the track "Government Beard" which I liked a good bit......this submission, like most of our previous BJM stuff (I THINK we've put ALL of it up, not certain) comes from the link beast that is John N, thanks for this and all you do John!

1. Good Mourning
2. Governmant Beard
3. Don't Get Lost
4. Assignement Song
5. Oh Bother
6. Third World Pyramid
7. Like Describing Colors To A Blind Man On Acid
8. Lunar Surf Graveyard
9. The Sun Ship

This is quite a solid album indeed, my hat's off to a band that can stay consistently good for such a long stretch of time.

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