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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sun Mashene

A dreamy shoepop band from Dublin Ireland, John N offers up Sun Mashene.....really likeable hypnotic psych/dream stuff, we have a solid collection of EP's for your approval here:

COMING HOME TO YOU EP-01 Coming Home to You/02 Shadows Dance/03 Lord I'm Feeling Down

ON BOARD EP-01 On Board/02 Love Jam/03 A Morphing Hydrogenous Bubble

WHEN THE BOMB DROPS EP-01 When the Bomb Drops/02 Demons Gold (Demo)/03 Faceless Crowd

DRONES THAT DON'T KILL EP-01 No Control/02 Shine Your Light/03 In the End/04 You/05 I Love You

All four of these have their moments and ar worth your time......really, really good stuff here.

First 3 EP's


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