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Friday, February 24, 2017

The Moonshine Brand

Fabio sends us a Bandcamp link for youngsters The Moonshine Brand (Germany) and their recent EP,
"Welcome to Gypsy Town"......I never heard of em, so I carpet bombed it and pretty good, really,
solid stoner is a small blurb from their Bandcamp:
A crack of doom in the Streets of Dawn. 

Sparks of light fall through the dawning and the dew shines golden, shimmering like a sea of diamonds. The child turns around. Struck down by moonshine, the eye opens, the ear opens and the integrity of all worlds becomes part of the living. 

Now the child has its name, tempted by eternity and left 
with The Moonshine Brand

WELCOME TO GYPSY TOWN-01 Alien Nation/02 Unpainting the Now/03 Terrapin Girl/04 Welcome to Gypsy Town

And remember, I love stuff like this, unknown stuff, so if you stumble across a cool band on Bandcamp or whatever, be sure and send in the link......I especially appreciate when the bands themselves help their own cause by sending the stuff in themselves.

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