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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Toad-The Rarities

Long, long ago I posted  the Toad discography, I think I've tripped over this rarities disc since that time so I
THINK this is a fresh post. Toad were a fab Swissa hard rocking/metal band, ca. my favorite era 1968-73......this is an odds n ends platter which has its highlights......"Rockin' and Lovin'", a cover of "Purple Haze", "Gimme Little Money".......Toad were a fab band and if you agree you will flip yer wig over this..

1. Rockin' & Lovin'/2. Slow Down/3. Behind the Wheels/4. I Ain't Got Time/5. Everybody's Baby/6. Makin' Groupies Happy/7. Tonight/8. Baby You/9. Makin' You Feel Right/10. Music/11. I Got Enouh of You/E12. Purple Haze/13. Usin' My Life/14. Gimme Little Money

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