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Monday, February 27, 2017

All Them Witches Bonus Tracks

Couple weeks bak I posted the new album from All Them Witches, "Sleeping Through the War" was
submitted by Fabio then, and became quite a hit (this band All Them Witches has long been popular on this site with their blend of southern/stoner rock)......John N sends in this extended version with 7 bonus tracks, so we'll pop this one up there too for any of you All Them Witches fans, Want to make sure ya get all of their tracks while ya can!

SLEEPING THROUGH THE WAR-01 Bulls/02 Don't Bring Me Coffee/03 Bruce Lee/04 3-5-7/05 Am I Going Up/06 Alabaster/07 Cowboy Kirk/08 Internet/ BONUS TRACKS 09 Bruce Lee (Demo)/10 Cowboy kirk (demo)/11 Alabaster (demo)/12 Bulls Intro (demo)/13 Punk Jam (demo)/14 3-5-7 (demo)/15 Internet (demo)

1 comment:

  1. Hello Scott, I've tried downloading this one half a dozen times now and it seems to be corrupt or something. Something about a invalid folder name. Any chance you can look into it and is anyone else having this problem?