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Sunday, February 12, 2017

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

OK, this is the NINTH album from this Australian psych outfit......this is my first exposure to them,
but not bad at all.....I will bet you one of our readers in that part of the globe will have some more of this material for us.......and that's great, that's how it for THIS album ("Flying Microtonal Banana"), it's quite good, although I'd be most interested in what their earlier sound was like......thnks to John N for sending this one along.

FLYING MICROTONAL BANANA-01 Rattlesnake/02 Melting/03 Open Water/04 Sleep Drifter/05 Billabong Valley/06 Anoxia/07 Doom City/08 Nuclear Fusion/09 Flying Microtonal Banana


  1. Hi ya scott.just to let you know if you want to check out the complete works of this great band head over to the twillightzone blog.go to saturdays posts.the second post and in the comments u will all the links .i was listening to some of it today and its great stuff.

  2. Hey thanks for this! Been listening to this album on Youtube but it'll be nice to take it for a bike ride now.