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Saturday, February 18, 2017

More Japandroids

Celebration Rock.jpgBy request (from Me), longtime lurker Kurious Kev sends us album #2 from Japandroids, "Celebration Rock".......Don't really know the album, but if you remember I raved about the Japandroids new album just the other day......Be checking this one tonight and looking forward to some FAB japandroids stuff......thanks 10x over, Kev!

1."The Nights of Wine and Roses"Japandroids4:02
2."Fire's Highway"Japandroids4:44
3."Evil's Sway"Japandroids4:27
4."For the Love of Ivy" (The Gun Club cover)Jeffrey Lee PierceKid Congo Powers4:13
5."Adrenaline Nightshift"Japandroids4:26
6."Younger Us"Japandroids3:33
7."The House That Heaven Built"Japandroids4:49
8."Continuous Thunder"Japandroids4:59 

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