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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Decoder Rings! Free Gary ZIMMERMAN football cards!

If you are a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, and you should be, perhaps you remember offensive tackle
"Gary" ZIMMERMAN who, along with Randall McDaniel, comprised a Hall of Fame left side of the offensive line for most of the 90's......."Gary" ZIMMERMAN appeared on many football cards, and what we are going to do today is discuss years and locations for cards on which "Gary" ZIMMERMAN does NOT appear......for example, do you realize that NO card aof "Gary" ZIMMERMAN exists for:

Liverpool 5/14/66-I don't think he was born yet
Birmingham 5/12/66-nor yet
Leicester 5/15/66-nor yet
Sheffield 5/16/66-nor yet

I was told that the stats on the back of each "card" are nearly identical ato aeach other so we may not want them all, necessarilly, unless we are completists, you know, like collectors.

Soon i will present some MORE cards on which "Gary"
ZIMMERMAN did NOT appear!

I still have a handful of decoder rings left, only $249.95 plus $40 shipping.....what an Easter gift they would make!


  1. liverpool

    birmingham pt 1

    birmingham pt 2

    liecester pt 1

    liecester pt 2

    sheffield pt 1

    sheffield pt 2

  2. The Leicester part 2 link seems to be Birmingham

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