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Friday, February 17, 2017

Blind Dog

Blind Dog - Captain Dog Rides AgainFabio sends us "Captain Dog Rides Again" from the fab Blind Dog.....I posted all three albums of the "Captain Dog" "trilogy", a long while back......if there is much of a demand for their other albums, (without checking I think they were called "Last Adventures of Captain Dog" and "Captain Dog Logs Out"), I'll go find them in the clutter of my CD room and post them......."Rides Again" is damn great, probably their best, excellent hard driving stoner rock from Sweden ca. early 00's.


1.Don't Ask Me Where I Stand05:03 
2.Iron Cage03:14 
3.Let It Go04:48 
4.Would I Make You Believe06:20 
5.Follow the Fools05:54 
6.Back Off05:13 
7.Fading Memories04:21 
9.There Must Be Better Ways of Losing Your Mind05:46 
10.Be the Same03:51 


1 comment:

  1. Hey, could you post their first album "Last adventures of Captain Dog"? Been searching for it for a while, but couldn't find it anywhere.
    Would be super nice!