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Monday, February 20, 2017


John N sent this one a while ago, took me a while to get to it, and I like it a lot, from Norway,
Beachheads are some very nice power pop stuff, I' d almost (ALMOST) call them something like a poor man's Len Price Three......that would be getting a bit carried away (LP3 are a huge fave of mine).....but this is damn good, every song here could be a radio-single I think, probably at the end of the day comparable to the Records or The Romantics, someone from that magical era of lost 70's power-pop, which is always welcome in 2017!

BEACHHEADS-01 Moment of Truth/02 Break Me Down/03 Your Highness/04 Despir/05 Una/06 Give Me Some Love/07 Reverberations/08 Procession/09 Treasure Chest/10 Monologues/11 Addiction Not Love/12 It Feels Alright

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