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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Couple of Ty Segall boots

Thought I'd throw a couple of these up for today, good sounding boots from a guy who has shown up
here quite a bit of late.....I was trying to construct set lists/track lists for them, but can't find one in print and you know Ty, he has about 70000 different songs, so trying to construct the whole setlist is a feat I'm not up for.......I have included some show reviews of both concerts.....first up, we have a show from 3/3/12 from The Troubador, West Hollywood.........

And the second is from Burgerama, Santa Ana.......

good reviews to read and good recordings too, if anyone has a PRINTED set list, send it along, but don't go to all the work of trying to reconstruct the whole things.....they are worth a listen, TRULY worth a listen, as Ty is one of the underappreciated artists of this era. Another who will be understood and loved in about 30 years.

Love me some Ty Segall, bet there are LOTS of his boots floating around out there!

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  1. 3/3/12