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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

House of Love, Redux

And again Anonymous Max in the UK sends a treasure trove of material from a band we've had a small
taste of, House of Love.........hope you liked that one, coz here is a BUNCH more of their stuff, so rock on!


Anonymous Max back again.

Also saw you did a brief post on The House Of Love.

Here's some more I can offer:

A Spy In The House Of Love -

Babe Rainbow -

Black Session 05.06.1992 -

Days Run Away -

Live @ London Marquee Club 22.04.1991 -

Live @ The Lexington 13.11.2013 -

Live Fontana Promo -

The Creation Recordings 1986-1988 -

The House Of Love (Butterfly) -

You Don't Understand -


1 comment:

  1. Max have you some Red Lorry Yellow Lorry? I have only Talking by the Wheather...